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At the Institute, we provide rigorous, online courses that bridge the gaps in self-learning. Watch short video lectures, engage in activities and discussion, practice your skills and measure your progress.

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bookclublogoThe Book Club has one simple goal: to bring prospect research professionals together over books. Many of us work solo in fundraising departments, and as a relatively new/small profession, we are often geographically dispersed. We are not going to let that stop us from socializing (and learning) over our love of books!

NOTE: The Book Club is free, but to participate in the forums and surveys you will need to create an account on this website. Once you create your account, click on The Book Club. You will be prompted for an enrollment key the first time you enter the room. Use this one: thebookclub

ECClogoThe Early Career Club is a community of peers acting as a personal onboarding prospect research department. Moderated by an expert in the field, we take the growing pains out of performing as a prospect researcher.

courseiconThis course teaches you how to find, understand and share how your prospect’s insider stock and compensation can turn into a gift. Public company insiders are few, wealthy and … public. It doesn’t take an economist to know how important it is to understand the stock market and public company insiders!

courseiconThis course teaches you how to start using basic data mining techniques in Excel to  solve fundraising problems, such as finding the best prospects in your donor database or comparing appeal results to measure donor retention.

In this course we take the fear out of analytics. By walking you through the terminology and techniques, step-by-step, and with lots of practice, you get comfortable with the data and how it ‘speaks’ to you.

This course gives you an overview of business formation basics. Interested? Contact Professor Kishbaugh at (813) 766-8715.

This work group is creating the global glossary for Prospect Research Institute courses.