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At the Institute, we provide rigorous, online courses that bridge the gaps in self-learning. Watch short video lectures, engage in activities and discussion, practice your skills and measure your progress.

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Available courses

ECClogoThe Early Career Club is a community of peers acting as a personal onboarding prospect research department. Moderated by an expert in the field, we take the growing pains out of performing as a prospect researcher.

crwiconIn this two-week workshop you learn the jargon, get introduced to the research studies behind the formulas, and practice rating for capacity. Then you and your peers share your capacity rating techniques, generating lively discussion on usage and validity. Opens November, 2017.


Are you a fundraiser or new prospect research analyst? Do you need to search efficiently and analyze and present information effectively on your donor prospects? This course teaches you how to build a prospect profile with simple search techniques – step by step.

This course gives you an overview of business formation basics. Interested? Contact Professor Kishbaugh at (813) 766-8715.